Formula: AgPbSb3S6

Species:  Sulfosalts

Colour: Dark grey.

Lustre: Metallic


Specific Gravity: 5.33 – 5.37

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Name: Named for Andor von Semsey (22 December 1833, Košice, Slovakia – 14 August 1923, Budapest, Hungary), Hungarian mineral collector. The mineral semseyite was also named after him. Donnay and Donnay (1954) summarize the complex early history of the andorite minerals. They found that andorite crystals were actually polycrystals consisting of two species and introduced the names andorite VI and andorite IV for those species.

First Recorded Locality: Baia Sprie mine (Felsőbánya mine), Baia Sprie, Maramureș County – Romania

The name andorite was later split up into two distinct species – Andorite IV ( quantrandorite) and Andorite VI (Senandorite).