Formula: Ca3Mn4+(SO4)(CO3)(OH)6 · 12H2O

Species: Sulfates

Colour: Bright yellow, greenish yellow to greenish orange, pink

Lustre: Vitreous


Specific Gravity: 1.95

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Member of: Ettringite Group

Name: Named in 1965 by Christophe Gaudefroy and François Permingeat in honor of Georges Jouravsky (1896– 1964), Chief Geologist, Geological Survey of Morocco, for his work on the mineral deposits of Morocco.

Type Locality: Tachgagalt Mine, Tansifite Caïdat, Agdz Cercle, Zagora Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region – Morocco

Isostructural with: Thaumasite