Formula: CoAs3

Colour: Tin-white to silver-gray, gray (tarnished)

Lustre: Metallic

Hardness: 5½ – 6

Specific Gravity: 6.5

Crystal System: Isometric

Member of: Skutterudite Group. Nickelskutterudite-Skutterudite Series. Skutterudite Subgroup > Non-stoichiometric Perovskites Group > Perovskite Supergroup

Name: Named in 1845 by Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger after its discovery locality, Skutterud, Modum, Norway.
The earliest name that possibly refers to any skutterudite-like material, cobaltum eineraceum, was introduced by Georgius Agricola in 1529.

Type Locality: Skuterud Mines, Modum West, Modum, Viken – Norway

The cobalt analogue of Ferroskutterudite and Nickelskutterudite.