Formula: Sb2S3

Species: Sulfides

Colour: Lead-gray with pale blue tint

Lustre: Metallic

Hardness: 2

Specific Gravity: 4.63

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Member of: Stibnite Group, Bismuthinite-Stibnite Series.

Name: Renamed in 1832 by François Sulpice Beudant. According to Dioscorides, the original Greek names for the mineral were Στιβι “stibi”, Στιμμι “stimmi”, and Πλατνόπθαλμου. The former name became the Latin “stibium” and the old name for the element antimony (Sb). Named spiessglas in 1430 by Basil Valentine who showed the mineral contained sulphur. Also known as antimony glance, antimonite, and stibine.

Dimorph of: Metastibnite

The most common antimony sulphide. An important Sb ore mineral.