Formula: Cu3(MoO4)(OH)4

Colour: Dark green

Lustre: Adamantine, Pearly

Hardness: 3½ – 4

Specific Gravity: 4.26

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Name: Named after Zoltan “Terry” (b. 1947) and Marissa (b. 1950) Szenics, American mineral collectors who discovered the mineral.

Type Locality: Jardinera No. 1 Mine, Diego de Almagro, Chañaral Province, Atacama, Chile

Dimorph of: Markasherite

The szenicsite occurrence was an isolated area, approximately 1 cubic meter in size, wherein the szenicsite occurred in cavities in a matrix rich in molybdenite and Cu-bearing powellite. The cavities were filled with a clay-like material. Outside of the szenicsite zone, the mineralization changed from szenicsite to lindgrenite, with decreasing copper. Thereafter, moving further out, the mineralization was lacking visible copper content and consisted of powellite blebs in the ore.