Formula: Fe2+TiO3

Colour: Iron black or black

Lustre: Metallic, Sub-Metallic

Hardness: 5 – 6

Specific Gravity: 4.68 – 4.76

Crystal System: Trigonal

Member of: Ilmenite Group. Geikielite-Ilmenite Series, Ilmenite-Pyrophanite Series. The iron analogue of Geikielite, Pyrophanite, and Ecandrewsite.
Name: Named in 1827 by Adolph Theodor Kupffer after its type locality in the Ilmen Mountains, Russia.

Type Locality:  Pit No. 3, Ilmen Mountains, Chelyabinsk Oblast – Russia

Dimorph of: Wangdaodeite. May be confused with minerals of the Crichtonite Group and with Hematite.